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HAY Online News: Prosecutors toss conviction of Haitian man they say was framed then deported

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Prosecutors toss conviction of Haitian man they say was framed then deported. - WCTV News

This story is why we share what we do on occasion here and some other spots popular. We really need those of color getting into criminal justice doing real work as a collective. Understood, the hustle and bustle of repaying loans for school, working for a law firm rigors, and much done purposely to tie many up so no time to fight for our brothers and sisters. We need to find a way to provide a legal front because these antics continue. What will be of Mr. Desrouleaux? Will they bring him back to Florida? Reinstate his right to travel back here? Are they doing this for all they put charges on? These little gains mean nothing if all falsely accused are not afforded the same act. There needs to be accountability and transparency in the legal system to show how often this happens. Let us know how many are falsely accused and how this is being corrected. Only when someone tells is stuff like this coming out. Those who are forced to take plea deals with multiple charges they had nothing to do with do not get heard. I know people personally who have been in this same boat being given plea deals with charges for crimes they were not apart of. No excuse for ruining people's lives just to have numbers look a way for crime solving. Yet, we are in a racist country that makes it easy to pin charges on those of color while many too distracted to do a thing about it. Be informed! Be aware HAY Online! 

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