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This Is Haiti HAY Online: Haiti Google Search first Organic Search result

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

             Haiti - Google Search Result (All)

Haitian-American youth online, search the web for Haiti and check out what comes up!

We have and see that many "Pimping" on social media are not trickling online in Organic search. We are on a mission for a long time now to change that. So try looking our keywords up on major platforms in coming months and years to come. We have studied extensively the Haitian diaspora behavior online and now know all the spots to look for bias and non-bias content on Haiti.

We shall start with the keyword, Haiti and present many more as we go further. Also one of many "Social Media Journalists" we meet, Nicolas Leger (@nicolas.leger3 ), on Instagram and many other spots provide us with the beauty and mystique images we shall share via Flickr and Photobucket from now on. 

This image by Nicolas Leger reminds me of my trip to Haiti in 2015 where a man rowed us very far. When asked how much normally paid for this excursion he said about $2.00 US dollars. I had to ask the man taking us to the Beach to give at least equivalent of $10.00 US dollars. Not nice to do to your fellow man!

Stay humble HAY Online!

Treat all how you look to be treated HAY Online!

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