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This Is Haiti HAY Online: Saut Mathurine, Sud, Haiti by Nicolas Leger

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Photo Credit: Nicolas Leger ( @nicolas.leger3 )

Saut-Mathurine, Sud (South) Haiti (Ayiti)

Doing a online search of the area, one learns it is the largest Waterfall in Haiti located in the Camp-Perrin, Sud (South). It gets its watercourse/source from Riviera (River) de (of) Cavaillon. The region discussed is in the South of Haiti. We continue to learn of Haiti through Nicolas Leger's great images and Patrice Douge's photojournalism. How to Get There HAY Online:

"How To Get There To find Saut Mathurine, go to Les Cayes on the Southwestern peninsula. Les Cayes is on the southern coast. From Les Cayes, drive north to Camp Perrin. There is a road, wide enough for vehicles, from Camp Perrin to the waterfalls. Locals drive visitors up to the waterfalls for a fee. From where vehicles park, it is a five minute walk to the stunning Saut Mathurine waterfalls. Another option is to rent horses and enjoy the scenery on the way to Saut Mathurine in a more natural and relaxing manner." - Caribbean Logue: Saut Mathurine, Camp Perrin

References and Reading on Saut-Mathurine:

Le Nouvelliste: The Saut-Mathurine Hydroelectric Power Plant Coming Soon 

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Wikipedia: Saut Mathurine Haiti

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