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HAY Online Conscience: Former Zimbabwe Prime Minister Robert MUGABE on Kemet

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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HAY Online Conscience: The distance between Egypt Kemet(Khemet) and Israel (Canaan) is about 613Km but it took Moses and the Israelites 40 years to complete their journey. On the average, each day they walked only 43 meters. Yes, 43 meters, half of what Usain Bolt do in 5 seconds. I wish Moses was around to explain this laziness! - Robert Mugabe (Former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe) Meme (Google Search of Keyword: Kemet)

Side Note: Do not really know if these are truly the Great Mugabe's words but meme is used to share key terms as to how the region of Africa was referred at one point in history. Alkebulan (What is called Africa now in modern days) had a region known for a time in history as Kemet(Khemet) and if one wants to be conscience of their history, it is good to know. 

My Take: I personally do not hold to what man makes up. Seeing how much has changed through "Man's" manipulation proves my reservations correct. Either way, man always is on search to find meaning to something in what is to be made sense of. Riding this city bus in South Florida has me see and hear so much that has me reflect on the conditions of Melanated individuals in a world that has forgot from whom they learned their ways. My hope is that with the rise of conscience thought among the Melanated Community that many keep in mind much you know is a manipulation of facts that can always be proved false or kept as truth. As this meme, do not take "Man's" accounts seriously because history has shown much has been doctored and continues to be. 

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