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HAY Online Conscience: Young Pharoah ™ - Christianity and The Bible Exposed

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Young Pharoah ™  Christianity & The Bible Exposed - (Section) The Adam & Eve Story Is A Lie Pt. 1 (Look this video up on YouTube and Trademark Name Underline is direct link to Channel)

The reason for HAY Online Conscience is to share other areas of thought among the Black Supremacy collective. Warning, the cited content is not for young kids and those who are against profanity. Rated A for Adults. The views are is own, the young man mentioned and his take on historical records are based on his research of facts that are out there. 

I personally have many agreements with this young man who is sharing "Gems". 

Young Pharoah is one to watch if you are unaware of Black Conscienceness. We all should do our own research and from that we can learn more of why we as a Melanated people go through the things we do. 

We as Melanated beings should seek differing views to see what really conincides with our own "Revelations" based on our own individual experiences. Young Pharoah way of speaking is colorful and not for those who easily get offended.  

Religion is not for everyone and those like I find we have been given all we need. The issue lies in the conscience and subconscious influences dictated to us. 

So as many awaken to their inner greatness that does not allow outside influences to mold it, one must shed the lies. 

This is not for "Sheeple" but those who truly have been awaken to see they have been put under a "Ghost Spell". Many have snapped out of their sleep and gravitating to those who teach along the lines of what was revealed to  them. We shall share more about Black Supremacy. We are magic but not in a Hocus pocus way but truly made up of the contents needed to manifest greatness. Lifting our vibrations to the frequencies we must to make things happen is something many will need to relearn. Some are and have been there, as in ability to tap into their higher connections that make manifestations happen. We are in a transition into Age of Aquarius with many factions using symbolism, spells, hexes, programming, and so many subliminal means to keep the masses distracted. Be aware, do not be distracted by those claiming to be "Woke" and using the new wave if interest to deceive. There is a reason more and more are leaving "The Church". Do your own digging and then realize why so much has been put into your own thrown upon you concoction of reality that was dictated to you. Something is not right and why many are seeking truth from within. Be not distracted and read between the lines. Many false prophets have led people astray and one must realize the truth you seek you already have within. Meditate, pray, and observe more. There is a spiritual battle going on and it is not to do with religion but those using things against groups to keep an upper hand. 

Stay conscience those among HAY Online not blinded!

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