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HAY Online News: I Thought Phoenix Refined Was The 1st Haitian Masquerade Camp At The West Indian La

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy 

(Phoenix Refined (Left), Ayiti Dous (Center), and Banboche (Right)) Question, Who is truly the first Haitian Masquerade Camp at the West Indian Labor Day Parade & Who even coined the term?  

© Phoenix Refined The claim is that Banboche Mas Camp formerly known as Lavalas Masquerade Camp is the 1st one to hit Eastern Parkway? Since when do publications not research facts or forget what they covered years prior? Phoenix Refined in 2012 debuted to bring a Haitian Masquerade Camp to the West Indian Day Parade. The Founder, Kim Charles, wanted to share Haitian culture along with elaborate designs that enticed the eye.

Phoenix Refined - 2013 Channel ABC 7 News interview at 46th Annual West Indian Day Parade Recently, HAY Online landed on some claims hitting the web that in 2018 at the West Indian Labor Day Parade in New York City, "The 1st Haitian Mas Camp" was to debut. But wait a minute, was not Phoenix Refined claiming that in 2012 and publicizing vigorously in 2012/ 2013 with Spokespersons like Kangol Kid sharing the news?

@Phoenix Refined - Kangol Kid and Phoenix Refined founder Kimberly Charles What's perplexing is that the Spokesperson for Phoenix Refined in 2013 was now taking photo ops with the new Mas Camp & in agreement with their claims. Was this just a blatant disregard for journalism practices to fact check or was it just bad PR; using an old claim to get publicity and a foot in the door?

Phoenix Refined - 2013 coverage in NY Daily News  Our only concern is for those that are quite passionate about their ideas also known as the proverbial "Underdogs" are usually the ones who are always preyed upon. They are copied by those who clearly just do it for popularity and money.

Phoenix Refined - 2013 There's clearly a distinct mission as per Phoenix Refined. Phoenix Refined has done it to spread Haitian cultural awareness in many different aspects and platforms. Where as other Haitian Masquerade groups can just prance around for pageantry.

Now as predictable in this kind of matter which occurs quite often in the Haitian Diaspora, this blog post will be read, corrections in "Mode of Operating" will be done by those with claims, muscle will come out in support and much trampling (may/will) be done. Its like one maneuvering in a sea of "Copycats" who have no shame.

Phoenix Refined - 2013 Channel FOX 5 News coverage at 46th Annual West Indian Day Parade There's ample proof that they, Banboche Mas Camp formerly known as Lavalas Mas Camp, were not the First Haitian Mas Camp in NYC or have claimed to be. Then why would they so comfortably put that in writing without fact checking or blatently ignore facts? Were the publications and media platforms paid? Did they desperately need the exposure and connected relevance? Why were no retractions or corrections by media platforms who themselves previously covered Phoenix Refined when they made the claim five to six years prior in press, in news interviews one can find easily on YouTube or simply searching the term or hashtag HaitianMasCamp?

© Phoenix Refined Thanks to further research we've learned about countless others who have contributed to Haitian based Masquerading like Karina Gilles aka Kagie 22 Productions having a truck on eastern parkway every year since 2003, Nadia Dieudonne and Cynthia Karaha who runs Feet of Rhythm a summer program with Haitian cultural experience for the children which performs the Saturday before every Labor Day. There are women that have been representing Haitian culture fiercely and proudly before the 3rd Haitian Mas Band Banboche Mas premeired in 2018! Moral of the story is, do your research and recognize the growth in the Haitian community around you before you make false claims because the truth will always present itself.

© Phoenix Refined - with Carel Pedre Host of Chokarella TV (All images via their Facebook page called Phoenix Refined )

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