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HAY Online Conscience: Third Eye Wide Open

By Aquarius Dawn Nancy

It can be seen as a blessing and a curse, having your Third Eye open. Already being a analytical person by nature makes things people easily just do a thought process every time. So, you can say I am overly analytical. What is becoming a trend, "Being Conscience" has always been part of my DNA. Took me a while to understand how it was not something just part of ones make up. Then, you learn many allow themselves to be brainwashed by media and a society that proactively confuses the masses to the point self doubt is becoming the norm. People on a quest "To find themselves" whom never lost themselves, just let their true nature be masked by conditioning. Some are as I, who just from birth did them and dealt with the clashes as they happened. I have been called a "Guinea" by many who just know. When I mean know, as in there are those born with natural connection to spiritual realm. The more I delve into all these spiritual movements I find nothing new. Come to the realization that as with those who just know about spirits see me, we all have something in us to help us. Some have their Third Eye open while others have to learn how to. Meditation, eating good and making sure vibrations around are good is key to a clear Third Eye. One reason mine has been serving me well is I was not one to eat much of what calcifies the Pineal Gland. Now that I am transitioning into a vegan diet, staying away from the confused and confusion in the world it is getting hairy. I find my tolerance for being around bad vibes is low. My house has to be a way. I drop bad people out my life sooner as in Toxic People. Also find that news and media are just repulsive more. I truly let my Third Eye govern my day to day. Getting back into healing, my Tarot and making sure crystals are around me.

I love the fact that crystals really clear up the funky vibes. Calcite, Amethyst, and many other stones will always be on my person one way or another. Just the use of "Conscience" gets me as to how it now puts something that is innate but brainwashed out of many is becoming a trend. Please, just let go of the Falsehoods placed on you and live life paying attention. 

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