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HAY Online Conscience: Revolutionary Black Love

HAY Online Conscience: What does this picture bring to mind?

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For me, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, it brings an endangered relationship to mind. Many of our black men have no emotional control enough to work with the black woman. We both need growth, yet the ones who are supposed to lead are seriously not representing the changes in mindset we need. The abuse, disrespect, objectification and needless excuses placed on opposite sex wastes precious time we should be building together, not pimping each other. Pimping can be seen in many ways. The use of the word in this post is the act of having the other do so much for the whole but watching your partner chill. Many want the trappings of old fashion values but will not or cannot provide the means to make it possible. Much needs to be re-worked out as in the dynamic between the Black Man and Black Woman. We both have much growth to make. Starting with me. After some experience and forgiving a man who use to physically harm me has taught me. Let a man change by encouraging it without anger. I had to get over my anger and see the changes he made. Now we build towards better. All my new chapters just happened literally two weeks ago. Leaving one situation and having so much that put me in it change has been humbling. I may long for one who I once saw as a great potential leader, the actions are clear, many guys cannot lead and unwilling to realize that to then learn from those who successfully do. So we need more examples of tight, respectful units to show our youth. A woman who can do as this woman has a man who is her backbone through their tough times. They do not run from trivial matters understanding we have no time. Black love needs to also work extensively on healing from fatherless and motherless homes producing overly emotional adults who react badly to situations other races fling aside. I know I need to leave weak men alone. So, now my focus in moving on from promising situations when feelings involved where the other party is unwilling to see you as a prize to be with more than what you offer. We need to really practice what is preached and even look at Black Couples Dynamics and learn why those doing so well do. One common comment, they just stick the growth process out with one another understanding the bigger picture comes through unity. Always running or abusing to make one leave is why our families are broken. No one puts in work, just expect the other to be what they want. This is not in regards to those situations the other party never wanted more than they can get out of the other, that is another topic. Just if one is truly worth it, stick it out through the storm. One love! #BlackLove #HAYOnlineConscience 

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