• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

HAY Online News: Haiti Protests February 2019

By Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Continual Protests in Haiti are becoming the norm sadly.

The past few months, more news headlines and private civilian accounts from those living in Haiti are not positive.

The Haitian National Police (HNP) have their hands full. The protests stemming from embezzled money from a discounted oil program Venezuela implemented are asking for the resignation of Haitian President Moise.

Corruption, always a factor in the unrest in Haiti. To call on actors of Haitian society is a bit limiting. In the scheme of things, our Haitian roots show it is when we band together, and revolt in unison that  we win. We need to all play our parts in better for Haiti. 

Protesting in Petion-Ville, Haiti has seen fires, vandalism, and many altercations among police too. The average person there understand why many are angered. 

Just, the means to bring attention to governmental corruption along with provoking Haitian President Jovenel Moise's resignation is destructively extreme. There needs to be a change in perception on a government level. Some far removed visibly and connections-wise needs to run for Haitian Leadership. Give the Haitian people choices in candidates that are not seen as elitest puppets. Those who show no ties to those implicated in the Venezuelan PetroCaribe embezzlement investigation. One can speculate one reason many ask for his stepping down is due to many implicated in embezzlement backed his candidacy for President. Then the sense of nepotism and practice of it continues. Having who you know be integral to advancement in political, economical, and social standings. The old school back-deal approach of doing things need to stop. Transparency is key from the start. All changes made with the Haitian public's knowledge. Break down the political process unique to Haitian Parliament. All spending tracked and published. Independent agency charged with auditing the financial branch periodically while government level auditing in place as well.

Give solutions instead of just commentary. Thank you to many who in solidarity provide solutions!

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