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HAY Online Media Events | Kurt Faustin and Royale L'radin Presents The Essence of How To Make SE

by Nancy Francois

HAY Online Media Events: Just learned that on April 20th, 2019, @ royalelradin  will be holding a SELF LOVE event he and @ kurt.faustin  will be bringing a special guest speaker @ stephanspeaks to Harvard University to breakdown importance of SELF LOVE. So, HAY Online, if in the Harvard area stop by. Make sure to be graced by the presence of three strong black men whom are bringing LOVE to their community. There will also be an ALL STAR HOST & PANELIST lined up as a surprise so go to Royale L'radin's Instagram via hypertext link (@royalelradin in first sentence) that shows a line under his handle to learn more. This is how we link you to relevant individuals online to get information "Straight from the horses mouth".  We just learned of this event and present. - #HAYOnlineMediaEvents 

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