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HAY Online News: Haitian Americans and Broke Mentalities - The Guardian on Millennials

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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The Guardian: Millennials being squeezed out of middle class, says OECD - To learn more about this article click here to be led there 

Haitian-American youth online in this age bracket up to 34 yrs of age on average are in jeopardy. With cost of living rising and median income not really reflecting this trend, is hurting millennials. They make less in comparison to #Babyboomer parents. Inflation , is a matter we at HAY Online want a professional in the financial sector to educate us on. 

Haitian American Youth Financials

Haitian American Youth Financials is a section of HAY Online focused on a Haitian-American youth's credit worthiness. 

No matter what your stance is on "The System", you need credit to get much in the US as in big investments funded. 

HAY Financials focus on this matter I guest blogged about on Day to Day Finance in a piece called "Haitian American Youth Financials: Haitian Americans and Broke Mentalities" is needed. In the guest blog, I used myself as an example as to some factors to being mentally broke. Changing our self-talk to keep encouraging one's self while pursuing goals that will help them out of poverty is key. One reason Royale L'radin's messages that fall in line with our message at HAY is sprinkled over the web. We want a youth to see his words and use them to motivate themselves to change their mental talk. 

© @royalelradin on Instagram (Click to Learn more about this April 20, 2019 event at Harvard University)

Guest speakers will discuss aspects of success that stem from self-care, The Essence:"How To Use SELF LOVE As The Foundation of Your Success" that Royale will be part of. Even Kurt Faustin another Haitian-American brother we learned of through Mr. L'radin. We appreciate all our mentors and content providers who make sure we provide solutions. Stay tuned for HAY Online Radio that has been in the work a while online. Bring Haitian-American voices that of course HAY Online Media, will what👂"Make sure that content stays online!" 

Be the change you want to see, join HAY Online on its over twenty year mission to be there for Indie Youth! 

This HAY Online News share will not be the last. Our Financial section on new website, Haitian American News Online  will be updated often with solutions and quotes of course from in-house content providers that focus on self-love. We need to get away from feeling guilty while we learn to say "No" to perpetual poverty. What better way then using the motivational words of Royale L'radin Speaks? HAY Online Quotes content provider among many that share Haitian-American voices of wisdom with professional advice. We sure can use someone in the community here. 

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