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HAY Online News | NYC Counsel Passes Bill Banning Employers from  Testing for Marijuana , My Dear Wa

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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Tickles my heart! Hope true cause all the bull employees put up with, damn, a toke sure would save one from "Going Postal" 😭😂😁🤷🏿‍♀️. They miss out on many who are fine off a toke. Better to "Wake n Bake" if hyper! Helps calm down thoughts and helps blood pressure. Would love to see what independent studies show🤔? At least studies are helping calm those who blindly jumped on bandwagon saying, "All "Pot Heads" or pot alone, no good." Each person reacts different to anything. Even organic this and that does not mean all natural will suit everbody. Getting back to our own consciousness is key. Then we can know what is good for us. Not saying pot is good for all cause God-given but it is not an "Illegal Drug". 

Too many incarcerated and wasting tax payer money on "Substance Abuse" classes many do not need to attend. There is gross waste in the "Fight on Drugs" when it comes to pot. Lack of control is all Psychology should stick with. The blatant generalizing in this area while those running shit toke out of this world, not fair. I guess the fact many Baby Boomers kids and grandkids are stoners might be a catalyst? When a stigma hits all, then you see the change. 

All I know, I am cancer free for good reason. Legalize it already and keep up with regulating it in regards to minors but leave adults alone not committing "Real Considered Crimes". Blatant propaganda that is being flipped because of cancer prevention and fighting properties studies show. #LegalizeIt 

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