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HAY Sundays : The Power of Prayer, Royale L'radin Speaks HAY Online

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin 

Yes, prayer is powerful. But, prayer is only powerful when you pray with conviction. It's the conviction that conspires with the universe on your behalf. When the work you are doing is directly connected to the biggest plug known and unknown to man,the courage, strength and willpower to go on finds its way to you. KEEP ON KEEPING ON, YOUT HARVEST TIME IS NEAR!! - @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online

I will say this, I pray for people I do not tell I do. Prayer is powerful! 

Yet, sticking to ones convictions when no one else gets why, requires a great deal of prayer. Your inner self-talk that assures your psyche what focus is on to overcome is worth the lonely feeling. Sometimes your convictions do not go along with "The Status Quo". Conditioning of the mind to help manifest your thoughts most dwelled on is assisted with act discussed in this blog. 

If you pair your thoughts and energy of prayer, it is a boost in energy towards what focused on you want to realize. I want stability, so I pray for it. I know I must keep income coming in, juggle time with my kids and take care of me. 

With that said, I too read Royale L'radin quotes. They help me remember, be motivated and inspired to keep pushing for stability. So this Sunday , April 14, 2019, I take this message to heart. I believe in the power of prayer but living my life with full conviction. 

Another Royale L'radin Speaks, HAY Online. Have a great Sunday Haitian-American youth online!

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