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HAY Online Quotes | Don't Let Stubbornness Stunt Your Support System

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin

"Don't let your stubbornness stunt your support system." - @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online 

My take away, just accept it and drop those who show they were sheep in wolves clothing. For me to not deal with you in business, you must be in dealings with people who were ignorant to me and stopped my babies from eating because they mistook my knowledge and help as threatening. No, your stubborn, nasty behavior is why you still look for a way in. I stayed in my lane for a while now. Only want support from genuine kind people who understand this more than fame chasing, we are at an alarming disadvantage and saw this over twenty years ago when I could not afford robot parts in elementary school. Soon as I saw much that was backend be more accessible I saw my chance . Then met some supposed supporters who late learned were going to move on without me. So I stuck to online and kept seeing the blatant ball dropping. Fast forward twenty years later, still many playing online who had much to say. Now you see my rants were warnings? Thank you to the support who did not leave to follow liars. The proof is in the online pudding. Said from day one, HAYOnline.net is a guinea pig, on going case study. F' out of here ( In my Danny Davito Voice). Know your enemies and online keep them far, block them. Their behavior or lack of favorable behavior hurt you. I tell clients, "If your own mother is "Chatty Patty" online and sharing others but not commenting, liking or sharing your content, block her. Many ask for support and simple form many humans will not give most out of spite. How many memes to see asking but still decades later cannot even get your own blood to share you? I personally want no one from my supposed family who did not go all out as they did for my Competition for me to keep that low energy towards me. I was blessed with great support and yearly thank them. Have a thoughtful day on this Hump day HAY Online!

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