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HAY Online Quotes | Willpower, Royale L'radin Speaks

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin

"When you're on a mission that's "Heaven Sent", the courage, the strength and will power to go on finds its way to you." - @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online

Trust and believe if truly "Pure of Heart" in your mission then you will succeed. Take each stumble as God saying, "Rest my child, I got this for you as you rest beautiful soul." And trust, the God in you manifests great things when you listen and act when ready. Silence is Golden, especially when it helps clear path to better chapter that could have never been had the brush fire purposely set for you to clear it burns. Casualties are a must. Those casualties may be dead relationships you will not let go of, non supportive reminders you must part from on journey to entrepreneurship, and all not helping you grow. After those purposely set fires, growth reoccurs.

So as Royale L'radin says, "Let's get it, on purpose! Where's my checklist? Where's your checklist?" Mine is in my journals and head. Visually Royale's quotes and videos help stay focused on my journey to no more BS.

That's all folks! Have a good Hump Day HAY Online!

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