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Royale L'radin Speaks | Difference Between Humble and Doormat - HAY Online Quotes

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"There's a major difference between being humble and being a doormat. Know the difference. - @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online

Man, on my personal blog I will go in on some things. You know? My thoughts on some matters must be shared cause noticing through my clients there is much still a mess. Do not waste a keystroke this way if you know your behavior online was malicious, link farming or just Black Hat Hateraid. More about last phrase I shall end all my DevicelessSeminars with. You think Copycats are a nuisance? Try someone's cellphone, the worst at eavesdrop capabilities as in very good. Suggestions anyone?

Just be cognizant that many are humble and know who uses them as a doormat. Some do not mind as they let others in. If that was on the mind of many haters, their approach towards me would not have been to pollute others. Like, was I wrong? Why is content of many gems still online without an FB sponsoring of it? Blocking was due to how off these metric tools are but Artificial Intelligence is getting better. AI solutions, China is leading on is better. IBM Watson is learning from mistakes, helping companies scale production, and medicine advance in seconds. Yet, many keep hating and poisoning the water filled with brilliant gems hoping some would grow up?

I personally, Nancy Francois also known as Aquarius Dawn with First name at times trailing, refuse to collaborate with many on principle. I once was a 18 year old Haitian-American youth online looking for help but saw too much of what my Daddy warned me of. So, why if HAY Online Messages are to help those who have it shine, partner with those she knows were colluded by haters? Collusion is the worst, but online behavior being tracked influenced by it one day will tell #BigData miners much about individuals who act on it. Only one ding bat I block heavy, all else it is your Cameos and snide behavior detected that had me block. Plus, no interactions in ninty days or more too. 

Follow Cop, my IG maintenance tool, helps me see whom unfollowed over and over. So, if a page was seen doing this I started to block. We all want numbers and build credit, so do not "Fake Dap" me and think I will be your doormat. 

Association is big online and becoming more refined. So who you proximate closest is helped or hurt by you. It depends if they are really your competition or you theirs? Which is it? Is time on your side? Online practices not using Black Hat practices on your side? Scraping and linking to source or giving it or leaving marks in image detected on your side? Really, so much goes on as to why our content is online. No amount of copying changes those factors. Goal was and told many via phone and messages, be unique and run from Copycats. They cost you a lot of #DetanglingTheConfusion money in online remediation. Remediation focused on getting platforms to distinguish you from competitor. But if online before them and bots start to research old databases, what can this mean? Especially for some who thought a viral content scraper who gave you no credit will have happened to how their online behavior looks? No bueno! 

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