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HAY Online Quotes | Royale L'radin Speaks on Your Higher Power

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© @royalelradin

"When you are doing the work that your higher power put you on the earth to do, no man or woman can hold you back, no gate-keeper, no one's prison, no spell, no loss nor tragedy can hold you back." - @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online

These words from Royale L'radin are pure facts!

HAY Online, Haitian-American youth out, take heed, "What is for is for you." 

No one can stop divine commands you just abide by. Like a bot, commands help learn what task is at hand. Implementing the commands is the learning process. Remember as you grow take notes of the output to refine what is not working right, keep what works, and trash what stops optimal results. 

Move on to doors open and do not look back Haitian-American youth!

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