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HAY Online Messages | How You Gonna Win ? HAY Online Mothers Teach

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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How you gonna win when you ain't right within? - Lauryn Hill, Songstress

Goddess-Isis and I, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, want to know how being mean makes all okay? 

Deeper than clout, it is a Legacy,  La Madre quitarse por ellos( Mi niña y mi niño). When you want kids or have kids, teach them to stay away from malice. I know I do because it has wasted precious time. We are the change , #HAYOnlineMothersTeach !

Keep your intentions pure, trust there are Guardian Angels looking out for Innocents. Be one, stay humble and just watch from the sidelines how God takes your enemies down one by one. 

Like Moses running from Pharoah (Malicious Intent) and the Red Sea comes down on them, so will it do so on your enemies. I have watched this battle in my own life unfold countless times. The more you truly are "Pure of Heart" , the more God shakes up your life. After that shake up, all who fell off the tree must be left alone. Cannot grow with decaying leaves blocking the Sun. 

So please, ignore the Hateraid and those believing the culprit, your Red Sea is coming to cleanse. 

This early morning Florida rain is amazing, cathartic and cleansing. Been crying much lately because seeing some in my family more is a set back. My dad is dealing with Prostate Cancer and admit been distant. Found out while pregnant with Goddess-Isis. So past few days feeling sad was not there but God knows my strength was needed to fight for my daughter. Many were malicious during my pregnancy but listening to Rudimental, Feel The Love while I showered each morning in my YouTube playlist helped. My Mom got me Netflix I no longer use to help me cope with all going on I needed some escape from. Watching Cheers and movies like Annie was great! Talking to Kevin Celestin of Airplay Entertainment while pregnant is a story I shall tell soon. For now, I can say I had heavy hitters in my corner letting me vent. I knew being pregnant and dealing with mean people could affect my mental so I did not hold anything in. Just did without so long and good now, so no time to explain new look on life. Just act out my purpose while blocking for real the foolishness. 

You will learn some you deal with will work with those you know based on interactions are phony. Just make sure your association with those connections are limited. Association online is a tricky thing and if doing well without the connection, do not go there. The malice was detected and the time apart may change dynamic. Well, it will change it. So make sure to use this train of thought, How is one being nasty supposed to win? So be what you want to attract, love. This can mean to disassociate from many and gravitate to true supportive love. 

On this Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for many Angels God put in my life. May the removal of imposters continue. I dislike false prophets! 

Have a great Thursday HAY Online ! 

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