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Haitian Culture | HAY Online, JaFleu the Artist Treal Toonz Haitian Heritage Month Facts 01

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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Haitian Heritage Month Facts 01 - Treal Toonz LLC - JaFleu Artist 

"Haiti, served Napolean and his French Squad a massive L when they realized they wanted no more smoke at "The Battle of Vertieres" on November 18, 1803. Two months later, on Jan 1, 1804 General Jean-Jacques Dessalines let world know, "We Black and Independent, deal with it!" @jafleu

Remember, May is Haitian Heritage Month with the 18th Haitian Flag day. Rep your culture, Haiti flags awave!

There you go Haitian-American youth online! A Millennial's Voice on Haitian Culture 

Thank you Haitian-American artist, JaFleu!

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