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Haitian Culture | Haitian Heritage Facts 02 HAY Online About Haiti's First Female President in 1

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Treal Toonz - Haitian Heritage Facts 02

"Did you know about Haiti's first woman president? Big facts, for 11 months. Starting March 13, 1990, after serving as a judge Haiti's Federal Court(1975-1988) and becoming the 1st Woman Justice in Haiti's Supreme Court (1988-1990) Ertha Pascal Trouillot held it down as Provisional President. Preceding the election of Jean Bertrand Aristide. There's more to the story! Do ya Googles!But now ya in the know." -  @jafleau  of @trealtoonz

Keep Googling "JaFleu Haitian Culture" to see all from him to come for years to come and reshare. 

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