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HAY Online Quotes | Whatever You Want To Become, Find Environment That Reflects - Royale L'radin

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Royale L'radin

"Whatever you want to become, find the environment that reflects that. Whatever you do not want to become, stay away from the environment that reflects that." -  @royalelradin I , I Captain, Maestro(Master) and "Yes Sir" all in one! 

Royale L'radin speaks to me in this quote. I can say I use to stick around in some funky environments I shall no more. Since this decision it has been lonely at times but I actually have more for myself and kids. Still hard but more manageable. One mistake was always believing these words out a man's mouth lying, "I got you!" Many say it in other words but it is let's move in, save together (me only one saving and always adding to pot but my portion never enough let him tell it) , let me help you or we can help each other. So one reason things need to be more set on my end. 

Relationship Goals are different and mine never changed. Only difference now, I just am not jumping into anything out of step with where I am going. I expect certain courting practices to even get me into more than just "Possible Bootycall" designation which is code for never anything more if one. 

The way a man sees you from start is how he leaves you or loves you while still building with you. I admit, I listen when Royale L'radin Speaks! 

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