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HAY Online Mentor | Royale L'radin's Community Center @rtiec RTI Empowerment Center in769 Wa

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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As we reported last year, Royale L'radin who you can find on LinkedIn is putting his words to action. He really did it!

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A young Haitian-American who beat the odds is now leading a community in Stoughton and online through his youth empowerment videos that adults can get a dose of Royale L'radin Speaks advice from.

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He is a Motivational Speaker from New York who resides in Massachusetts. 

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Give the greatest nod of respect to his efforts by following his motivational page @royalelradin on Instagram and this community center's page @rtiec

We can do so much online through activism supporting websites and profiles of the organizations keeping community safe. 

He gives a safe environment for youth to flourish with encouraging love. #Luvaholic 

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"Having an event in Stoughton?", get at the Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center for space estimate. Host your next event at RTI Empowerment Center!

Center's Instagram Picture Revolution To Inspire Empowerment Center.                     ( Stoughton, Massachusetts ) #SupportUs

HAY Online salute🙋🏿‍♀️! 

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