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Monday Motivation | Communication in Relationships - Royale L'radin Speaks

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"If they aren't communicating with the Queen/King in you, then they aren't for you." - @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online: Whether a Romantic Relationship or just a Relationship of any kind, only speak life into another. Likewise, only allow life words to be spoken around you. We all feel excited and happy for the person we encounter, whether we know them or not if in a positive mood, smiling with laughing about some great news they scream out in happiness around us about. Those around are infected with a smile. Then, we know how one who is negative, cursing and lowered shoulders as they pace around a room yelling anger words makes us feel. Those two examples are energy and when told to flow where energy you want goes, I hope you gravitate to Life. 

Those speaking Life into you via your eyes and ears influence you mindset. One who cares for you will keep telling you what their concern is. Some will tell you how they feel in a nice positive way, others believe in "Tough Love". I personally like direct conversations and then squash a matter to just then focus on building one another respecting boundaries newly learned in conversations. Most times it is boundaries put on noticed about previously violated or violated without knowing one existed. Either way, one should be able to tell you how they feel, your response is the control you have so choose your reaction maturely. Sad, many drag a situation out that if each side heard the other out however long it took each side to grasp thoughts to present. But silence and never resolving is a recipe for continual rifts that will lead to a bigger matter with layers of unresolved silenced situations to peel through. Most are too weak to withstand that examination they made sure to fail. Why cannot one just be honest about feelings without interruption on both sides, hug and move on

Who says it cannot be so grand, squashing a beef as soon as it occurs so not to go to bed mad, to go to bed happily resolving a matter? Well, HAY Online another Royale L'radin Speaks via HAY Online Quotes

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