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HAY Online | Haitian-American girls representing their Haitian Heritage this Month

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© @in_themosthigh_ibelieve  little Princesses in Haitian flag tops

Just a soft introduction to what we have a brewing for a branch that has been nineteen years in the making. 

Kids have always been our focus. Haitian-American Boys and Haitian-American Girls like in_themosthigh_ibelieve's princesses we have shown modeling their Haitian Flag tops😘👊🏿🇭🇹

As our name, Haitian American Youth Online (HAY Online) implies, we present Millennials. By definition , a millennial is someone who is in young adult years during the 21st century. 

A demographic ranging from 18 years old til those eighteen in 2000 keep changing a year older. Most are 37 right now. So look at it this way Haitian-American youth, if born after 2000, you too are one though not an adult yet. 

We love your spirit little Princesses!

We just know a lot of cool Haitian and Haitian-American fathers we chronicle all the time especially June, on Haitian Fathers Day. 

Just commend men I grew up with on being great role models in their kids lives. 

Shoot, I will show out about all whom I know of Haitian descent that are great representations of a man who is a father. The Man! Funny, words, words, words, and the context they have depending on era coined like "Millennials" have deep meaning. 

Have a great Haitian Heritage Month HAY Online

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