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HAY Online Quotes | Admire Your Friends Publicly and Privately - Royale L'radin Speaks

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"Don't admire your friends in private, but not in public. Don't admire your friends in public, but not in private." - Royale L'radin Speaks Side Note HAY Online Deep! 

Really is a deep one here. It speaks to much holding us back as a whole(Black Community). I know I will always say thank you's daily. It makes me feel good cause I understand how it is to be over looked. I do not share for pitty. Trust, over it. Just as always these past years focused on youth empowerment, been sharing stories of past, present and future aspirations to encourage. 

Some stay in silence dealing because as I tried Monday with my Haitian mother, convo went South as I tried to tell her my feelings on support, straight cut off. She had it and that story some other time. They do not get they mold you but then blame you for conditioning they introduced all your upbringing. So, I know heart to hearts are tough with Haitian parents. Keep trying!

As another quote of Royale L'radin speaks on, ad-libbing, "I gave you Information, it is up to you to hurt me or help me with it." Already got my answer on many levels from different levels of people in my own life. It is sad "The Ugly" of human beings shown but some cannot help their intimidated nature. I personally find intimidation a weak trait. One I rarely succumb to. Now respect is another matter. My behavior may just be out of that 🤷🏿‍♀️ 

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