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HAY Online Speaks | Pray Then Act - Jezreel Sweet Speaks

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"Pray and then act." - @jezreelsweet Message today from a Haitian-American woman we have been following for years that is poignant because without it prayer more would crumble in a sea of vultures waiting to pick at your carcass. What God intends for you will be. No man, "Hater", or  competition can stop. 

That is your destiny, a legacy no one can take when it is God-given. 

Just create your own lane and till your soil, reaping what you sow. 

God sends plenty to water your spirit and help you grow. Man creates religion and ignore even the Messengers words to not worship them but the "Creator". 

Distraction that has many judging and distancing themselves from God is why so much chaos. 

Flesh (Man) is not to be exhalted, IandI (God in YOU)  is. IandI is already in you, tap in and tap out of the Matrix of confusion. To many are sent and ignored and hope these Millennials get it by now the whole distraction from God. Keep them circulating above your head HAY Online! #HAYOnlineSpeaks

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