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HAY Online Quotes | Small Tokens Of Appreciation - Royale L'radin Speaks | HAY Online

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"It's about the small tokens of appreciation we give our supporters along our journey that matters the most. Not the ones we give them after after we reach our destination." -  @royalelradin

Side Note HAY Online

Man, Royale does not have to speak to me on this subject matter more than once. I have and will always show out how best I can. Sometimes all one can do is say, "Thank you!" 

Do not let anyone make you feel how you say thank you was small. Some will do it big, great! Others can give a gesture of thanks that is free and from the heart. 

However you do it Haitian-American youth online, do it from the corazon ( ❤️ in Spanish)! 

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