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HAY Online Search | Fiya Empress Shared A Jewel Here, Father's Teach Daughters How To Be Treated

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Facts @fiyaempress03 had to repost!

Then blog about this one because my dad showed us how a man must provide for his kids.  I just feel for the black community and how bias a world we still live in, many need to keep supporting their kids even in adulthood. We need to be real, our kids have it hardest. Look out for one another's kids any means necessary how you can! 

Bigger than egos!

This post will eat at many conscience who know they need work. Not too late, just the will power many lack to correct mistakes. Kids give a reboot chance at being a better human that only stories can give confusion because the actions witnessed by the child(ren) show different. Let the past you be a memory for you and a story that does not add up to them. 🤔 Redeemed by a redeemer, "The Babe(Your Child, Your Last Chance)." Really wake up to the alliteration in the Bible and leave what confusion programmed into you. Children say the darndest things! Or "From the mouth of Babes!"  

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