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HAY Online Speaks | Pick A Person And Pray Next 30 Days - Rosemary Louis (@papis_ol_girl ) | HAY Onl

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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We Know too many positive Zoes, Haitian-American Millennials online voicing great advice and telling amazing stories. My Zoe Called Life type stuff, remember "My So-called Life" in the 90's? 

Yeah, check My Zoe Called Life out on Tumblr in coming months and we have a Facebook page 🙄 , Co-Citation reasons along with still second or third I think in popular websites period. Just the being populated by soo many bots is still unsettling for me personally. The bots, chat bots, facial recognition bots, plagiarism bots ( I think from some things noticed🤔), and so many other algorithms among and with others put on that platform. 

Enfen, that platform issues for another HAY Online Blog post. Right now Rosemary Louis is speaking to me. 

I hope to you other Millennials, this post of hers speaks loud as well!

The power of prayer is thoughts in action. Be that good steward to a being. Be light! Be attitudes, remember them in Vacation Bible School? The "Be Attitudes"! Be the change you want to see like Ms. Louis. 

Google My(Her) Business Spotlight:

Also, check out RemiMa's Kitchen on Google and Instagram  @remimaskitchen509 . South Florida's Finest in Liberia (East Hollywood at King's Store)! Yeap, she is a Zoe who also can cook!

Stay voicing your thoughts loud for us all to hear Haitian-American youth (HAY) Online! 

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