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HAY Online Speaks | Berrie Berries CEO Dropping Some Real Gems On Helping | Millennials Voices

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"Don't go broke helping Everybody out...because who gonna help you out when you go broke!?" - Berrie Berries CEO

Side Note HAY Online

I tell my two business oriented kids this above. From experience and blessings of great girlfriends with guy friends whom never let me fall; I too have been broke but receive help. Some not lucky or as I do, hate asking so go homeless instead. I met so many on the streets in Tampa and still meet to this day who are great people whom let their heart run them in a cruel world. Believing as I once did, my good heart will protect me. Nope, your intuition that comes into play after opening your heart must be logic adhered to. Man will present greed over love quicker. Some rather just love and trust me I get that. Take it from me, never love others more than you. 

Story time: 

The other day due to an act played out in front of my son, I cried and then he felt upset. Some things others do to you have your kids feeling it too. 

Worst when those hurting you know your "Achilles Heel", then they take advantage. 

Sad and a guy I once did the most for saw my condition and he too tried to proposition me for help in return. In this instance too helping him out. Yet, he saw to exploit. That hurt, but my asshole tendency snapped back and told him it will take his daughter crying on his shoulder to get why some like me say no. I went and told daddy to vent. All he can do is help if able to and listen. I saw the pain in his eyes as I told him about this supposed "Hotep" type. He, my Haitian father, is the one who always said, "Nancy, you only have yourself. I cannot do anything for you. Your mom cannot do anything for you. Help yourself!"  Well, my solution to that is to help another who has no one looking out. Those who come messing with the plate will be blocked. No time and though much went through helping others it turns out still helped me, I vibrate too high to deal. Even when no longer affiliated still show love. Some get praised about vibrating high but they too are around thses haters. What is it? Are people speaking lies and acting out truths?  I always, yearly tell haters thank you along with the few I still deal with on my supposedly private personal Instagram.


Products created out of listening and seeing that many claiming are using limited tactics only helping them, not others. So, I hear you Berrie Berries CEO and definitely will show my kids this one on "The Gram"! 

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