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by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

Repost from Red Claw Conjure

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HAY Online up right now after dark as I, this one here is the truth! Your thoughts dictate your life. Much can hit us all below the belt but those we confide in and their input also affects us regardless how good you are at taking advice and letting bits go that do not apply. 

So let us start this Monday and new week off right!

Just woke and back to bed a few more hours if nothing else notified of does not stop that lol which more likely will. Just replied to someone, checking Twitter then shut eye to take the bus. So much because of lies, retaliation and over zealous "So-called Professionals" caused a two year rift working out of.

Well, night, really great rising! Must be up in time to take my son to first day of Debate Camp at Nova Southeastern University's University School, "Beyond Board  Games" 2019 Summer Camp. His thoughts on how his mother was mistreated makes him at ten run his own business, VonTronix ™ VonRoss Electronics LLC and prepare to make changes. 

He is so like his mommy, rather solve than complain. No more wants to be a cop after what he witnessed in my case. Too many showed no moral compass and really showed him not avenue to take to really save people. He understands so young he must do it at law level. May prayers against haters be so strong he never experiences the malice I have. As my prayers go, "May all end with me." 

Wonder what his deep thoughts are? His blog will tell,  VonTronix.blogspot.com .

Not your average JaHaitian-American kid! 

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