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HAY Online Quotes | We Are Responsible For Our Own Happiness | Royale L'radin Speaks

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"We are responsible for our own happiness. Never put yours in the hands of another human being." - Royale L'radin

Side Note HAY Online

No matter your situation, learn how to be okay mentally so the physical does not exhibit results of stress. 

Right now I am dealing with a painful little lump in my right breast. I know why and I am taking steps to take care of it. One big change is making the decision to just cut some loose for good. We have those people who are elements of stress in our lives.

Yesterday I said, "Happy Daddy's Day" to my daughter's father who has had me dealing with custody matters due to lies helped perpetuate. Though I bounce once I notice I am with a waste of a guy, because a child involved I must be the bigger person as I let my actions vindicate me.

He called me a bum and other choice words. I share tidbits not for one to know and say, "Aha look at her..." I share so another dealing with a impossible person knows another is too.  

I chose to deal with a jerk who cannot see to grow up who tried to take my happiness and my life. After the attempts to be hurtful and say dishonest things, I still went to work with a smile. Each time I felt sad, I thought of my son who wants to get into family law because of what he witnessed me go through. God always gives me a reason to see the good in humanity. Some right now are dealing with their Karma. That makes me happy to know I did not take revenge, just prayed! 

Be strong HAY Online!

Find your center and do not let anyone knock you off your square!

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