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HAY Online | Let Me Re-Introduce Haitian-American Fashion Stylist, Kimberly Charles of Phoenix Refin

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

© Kimberly Charles, Founder/ CEO of Phoenix Refined

HAY Online Throwback Feature: 

                 Throwback Blog Post on Kim 

                           TheMuse Charles

Kim TheMuse Charles we initially referenced her by, Kimberly Charles now on referred by is the founder of Phoenix Refined, a Haitian Masquerade (Mas) Camp started on September 3rd of 2012 from all accounts easily searchable online. 

             HAY Online Media: Woman of the Day 

                 March 12, 2013 Blog Post 

This Throwback Thursday, we blog about Ms. Charles we learned about in 2013 and had to put her in rotation for Woman of the Day that year too. Some installments such as Woman of the Day will grace HAY Online Media profiles again real soon. 

                Continued, 2013 Blog Post on Ms.                               Charles, Haitian-American Stylist

Why not share updates on those we follow sharing Haitian culture?

She has truly stayed original in her ambitious journey to spread Haitian culture through couture and pure knowledge shared by "Greats" her organization presents via many streams. 

          From Phoenix Refined Blog on Blogger

We are excited to see what new developments are coming from  Phoenix Refined !

In the meantime, above Screenshots look back at very first blog about their mission to be Ambassadors of Haitian culture on HAY Online Media. We can see by how they theme their Mas Camp costumes much thought to teaching Haitian culture is put in. 

Ms. Charles really puts in that work to paying her dues as a rising Stylist following her passion for Fashion.  

"Fashion, Lights, and Runway!" ( Jazzy Fingers and Jazz Hand🤗🤗) 

Kimberly Charles, here she comes Papa Legba, "Open the damn door!" 

HAY, our ancestors are watching with smiles! 

"Mache, pitit mwen", yap di!( "March, my child", they say!) 

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