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Freestyle Friday Quotes | If You Have To Chase Someone To Get Onboard With Your Vision | HAY Online

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"If you have to chase someone to get on board with your vision, chances are, you're going to lose more than win with that person by your side." - Royale L'radin Speaks

Side Note HAY Online

Man, this right here will save a lot of wasted energy. If they do not get it by now Serious Entrepreneur looking for support, chances are, they never wanted to. Drop the "Dead Ducks". Join those orgs like HAY Online Media who supports those unaffiliated with talent Independent youth. We do monitor to see who is trying to use our ability to get online. 

We believe in actions and chose to distance from many perceived popular because our base still never heard of them, yet many on social media have gave us their tail as well as many who come to us for support.

We do not know what that is with how the web works. Spider are not crabs, they crawl content with good optimal SEO.

So as Royale says, you will lose if chasing those obviously not wanting to join your mission. Egos I guess🤷🏿‍♀️🤳🏿! Who cares, after twenty years in this community watching some behavior but nothing trickling in Organic Search passed paid attempts show the decision to go around was worth it. The tactics learned doing so are the services our working to build end, HAY Online Media uses to help clients and those we support last online. 

Right now our focus is the projects we have had brewing some ten years and one big one with a Culture Ambassador for Haiti my kids will enjoy. 

Always be around those who reflect you. This Freestyle Friday we share this quote among new artists on Twitter, our new main stomping grounds. Instagram is becoming too business. Like who wants to keep seeing ads when you want to see friends, networking colleagues or just want to support a entrepreneur friends company profile then bounce? 

Have a great day Haitian-American youth!

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