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HAY Online Followers Spotlight | Maritza of Cap Haitian Represents for Haiti on Vacation in Athens,

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy aka Nancy Francois

Man, when I say this Haitian-American Youth Online follower is always supporting, is an understatement. 

While many ignored our mission, she followed us every platform we created on different social media websites if she too has a profile on it. Now that is showing real love and support.

We do appreciate those following us for years and interacting with HAY Online. 

Thank you Maritza from the bottom of my heart because you showed love when many were so mean and ignored!

I personally have noticed your likes and interactions throughout the years. You always have and those metrics are why we are online strong because those like you from Haiti and the globe who do like, comment and share. That International Community Love has been greater than the haters, we surely do not see online 🤦🏿‍♀️ but sure are hating. Do not know what to call it because clearly we are visible under many terms in search on many search engines and still some say never heard of us. Wow, even volunteered for some back when 19 years old and many still act like they do not know one. So coming from a place where your own diss you, you must show love to those who show it back. 

I am grateful for Followers like you! 

So "Spotlight" on you, Beautiful Maritza (@sunkissed621 )of Cap Haitian, Haiti.

Have a great week ahead and thank you for letting HAY use your great images of your trip!

Love seeing pictures like this! 

Stay thirsty and humble HAY Online!

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