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HAY Online News | Regal Trace Apartments Slum Lord Likes To Retaliate Against Tenants, My Goodness |

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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Regal Trace Apartments in South Florida, worst place to live but many have little means to leave. Who will help? Learned of this online among my family about fear of retaliation by a "Slum Lord", yeah, I said it "Slum Lord!" How does any creation of God even see to treat a tenant with kids so nasty? I despise "Slum Lords" being the child of a man who always rented out other side of his duplex to others. He always took care of repairs asap, file his claims with Homeowners Insurance and say, "Hi my fren(Haitian accented Friend)!" So being raised by a stand up man God in him keeps alive after Cancer battle, shows me how rewarding it is to treat all with acts of love. This Regal Trace Apartments flooding of a tenant's apartment with mold is in fear of retaliation and should not be. Code enforcement I hope is on Regal Trace Management heels or maybe they "Grease" people there to turn a blind eye while a mother must figure out where to live and get help. Being an asthmatic , I know mold is harmful and can be deadly or lead to respiratory problems. This owner needs to learn some lessons from my dad. Hope channel 7 News (WSVN) and other news outlets keep eye on this! Damn, where is "Help Me Howard" at a time like this? Reminds me of lyrics to Michael Jackson's song, "They Don't Give A Damn About Us!" In 2019 this should not be and may those babies forced to stay there in fear of retaliation do not get sick. Pray they get help! Haitian-American News Online (HAY Online News

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