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by Aquarius Dawn Nancy aka Nancy Francois

© @royalelradin Speaks Sacrifices on The Journey Man, I can relate to Royale L'radin on this quote. I blocked many supposed popular pages on Facebook and Instagram for such reason with many Spectators whom took ideas but never showed love back. Now my own metrics show it was a good decision since algorithms looking at Co-Citation and Co-Occurence would have them associate with my content, they do not. So much bs alexa.com's competitive analysis shows about popular pages like one in particular is why I am solid on my stance never to integrate with those who once slighted me, never supported and were stalling. 

How can I sweat people who do not get their traffic from regular spots relevant to their mission?

How can I keep spectators on my entrepreneur profiles who never put a dime in my pockets to keep going but took ideas and ran with it? 

How can I keep family around who backbite but on me and had others look at me from the lens of a jealous sibling blocking? 

How could I keep followers around who never interacted with me as I did them, giving them favorable metrics? 


When all they did not do would have helped me go further and watch them support rivals who play with numbers who still are no where close to my status in prowess. 

That was enough slaps in face. So much many could have done for free that would have made a difference into dollars. This is why I like, share and comment on my entrepreneur friends business profiles I truly support with learn of. Those engagement metrics help show interest that marketers and promoters who want to see this to pay for exposure on that profile as it grows need to. 

To keep sharing importance of supporting the right way and some do not is why I always clean house and move on without many. I research those who think are my competition though Competitive Analysis tools show they are not, but perception is sadly stronger. 

I watched many who use to be in my corner sell out and not trust me on the true metrics. If I were to screenshot the truth, initially I would be met with I am being a jealous hater when I already get what needed. I just would be showing those going to the other side are being played for their support. Metrics Matter! 

We do not pay for numbers, maybe exposure of pages and features. Soon will be purchasing ads for our products, like HAY Online Market. We are here at HAY Online to build online the right way always giving credit. If we learn we did not we gladly do and why we seek many content creators collaboration to present them in promotion for the content after. It must be relevant and unique. How else you think we stand out among Haitian-American Websites?

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