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HAY Online | Royale L'radin on Intuition or Insecurities Teach | Quotes

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

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"Whether it be your intuition or your insecuity, listen. There is still a message to be heard " - Royale L'radin

Side Note HAY Online:

I can say I am highly spiritual and a rogue who does listen. I have learned through trials and errors not just tribulations, I must listen to my "Inner G(God in me not an imaginary lie in the sky). God is you and intuition is the spirit guiding you. 

Now if you are not centered, that is when the "Ego"(Another form of "The Devil" that also resides in you. Inner-conflict at its finest.)

Justisten to life lessons, pick yourself up, drop those feeding your ego and keep those feeding your spirit. 

Love all genuine people and thank you to many who support Haitian American Youth Online (HAY Online)!

Thank you!!!

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