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HAY Online Quotes | The Place Keeping You Safe Is Also Keeping You Small | Royale L'radin

by Aquarius Dawn Nancy

"The place that has been keeping you safe is also keeping you small." - @royalelradin 

Side Note: It is scary to level up til you reach goals. Take it from me, twenty years into chasing my dreams and accomplished them even though algorithms too inefficient and limited to tell. When you start to get into your own lane, a Grove all your own, you begin to flex in a way no one can copy. Keep pushing the envelope, keep pressing to reach a billion dollars. 

Then, do big things Haitian-American Youth Online (HAY Online)! 

Don't be afraid of going bigger. 

We at HAY Online Media will help you. As long as you fit criteria for online presence and marketing help, we'll make sure you are visible online. We make use of Organic strategies and PPC strategies for those who need that extra boost to get attention. 

Where we work to build, HAY Online Media and Solutions! Serious Entrepreneurs (also known as Zoepreneurs, Haitian-American Entrepreneurs we target aggressively and Entrepreneurs of all backgrounds) email your requests for assistance to hayonlinemedia@gmail.com. Just Google Haitian-American Youth Online and look as well under Images. Also look up HAY Online Media and do the same type of search under images too. Proof is online how we help through use of Clean SEO over nineteen years when it was more a webmaster tactic used to get web content visible. Using fundamentals of Computer Science as it pertains to data and how it communicates on the internet and how machines read it connected in to the web. Oh what a web we weave! Learn to do that well online through clean online behavior and use of SEO sections your brand should be mentioned. Great Thursday HAY Online! 

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