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Father's Day 2020 | Father's Day Chronicles Repost | HAY Online News

Above are "The Pierres" showing two generations of Fatherhood. On our Facebook page we will share what they are up to via images and quick captions.

Today we have new additions to the list of great fathers we continue to share lives through images.


Ednal Novembre

Evince Placide

Jeff Ramasami

My side note:

Notice Facebook pushing heavy images of black fathers and great move around this time and hope they truly clean up privacy act. Really would like to see more men of character blog and share their Meat and Potatoes of how they father. Not in a showboat way but just genuine shares kids Online looking can see their blogs under the fathers name adding to their digital footprint Online which is a legacy. If done right much the copycat moves and using buzz from others will not hurt their claims to Online space. Many are hurting others off those malicious tactics that platforms need to police. So much can help Influence young black men. Since Facebook is know as "Old People's Social Media, lol, the kids I asked when surveying, we will share more elsewhere youth are like IG and other trendy spots. Stay tuned to see Father's Day Chronicles in other spots sharing greatness.

All fathers with a legacy they are building as in business of course get that shared too as long as when reached out to you share information and specs.

Helping guide others to genuine people is key. Big reason all engagement is studied and respect some do not see their messages. If we tried and no reply we move on to the next in line.

Disclaimer: If reached out to and blew this opportunity off, understand some do not like to associate and will take note.

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