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Father's Day Chronicles

Mr. Novembre, Ednal Novembre that is!

Here is a shot of his business he is Co-Owner of, Elite Draping.

We are glad to add another great father I know who is building an empire with his Goddess of a wife.

He is a man of character who as a teen always commanded respect. Nice to have men online and doing business my son and daughter can look up to. Though they both have very involved fathers, all visuals showing great fathers can be of influence to a kid for multitudes of reasons. So here is an Ode to Mr. Novembre and you will see more of him and Elite Draping posts all over our social media and online platforms outside of it like our blogsites.

Check Out Part of his Legacy He Is Building

Elite Draping @elitedraping


Just love seeing the men guys I grew up with became and are. Grateful to know so many to present and their businesses. Yes, these Moguls are smart to know multiple sources of income is the name of the game.

Stay safe young black men and women!


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