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Ali Sylvestre Father of "The Sylvestre Sisters" and Family

Great, amazing black men to follow and share updates on throughout the year. Last year we showcased Ali Sylvestre above and his track star daughters, "The Sylvestre Sisters". They do so much under the loving guidance of their father and mother. HAY Online Mother's Teach is an installation that showcases Mothers and children doing great character building things together. Just Google Father's Day Chronicles and HAY Online Mother's Teach and go to Images Section of a Google Chrome search to see images that will be on our Facebook with links to more images of fathers and mothers. Images showing them doing things we want black families representation online to show.

Luke Jean, The Father "Father and Son"

You may remember him from Haitian Jonas Comedy on YouTube. He played "The Original Haitian Father" in the Haitian-American comedy of brilliant Jonas Jeanot who played "Haitian Jonas".

Peterson Pierre and his father, two generations of "The Pierre's".

It is great to actually share men I actually grew up with in this "Ode to Fathers" that initially focused on Haitian and Haitian-American ones. We do acknowledge fathers of other ethnicities too.

Jordan Cade, Haitian-American boy with his Father, Gordon Cade standing tall as GIANTS.

Grateful to know this man who is a great father! His son is the product of a great Mogul Mommy, Rosemary Louis who is also a businesswoman we share updates on with RemiMa's Kitchen 509 on Instagram. These amazing parents show this young Mogul, Jordan what hard work gets one. Hustling parents, with an outgoing model son, truly he is a kid model. Greatness a fathers love and presence brings out in our children. Fathers matter!

Steve & Steve Jr at Nova Southeastern University for i9 Sports

Steve is a great father that has been consistently showing he is in his sons life. Grateful to be able to amass thousands of men to share and their contributions to society. Remarkable fathers, especially showing Black Fathers doing what is natural but minimal images populate the web. Just want to flood the web with images of great fathers. Black fathers matter, fathers matter period.

Stunts showing love to two ladies who have his heart.

May all fathers do as this great father we will refer to for now as "Stunts" whom is another daddy I know. He showers his princesses with so much love, you can feel it through his images shares to those privy to follow him.

This years line up is starting off with three Dads we will definitely be sharing updates of. They are, Evince, Ednal, and Jeff. Stay tuned to see the great shares of posts showing stories they share that give examples of how fatherhood is. Many of these fathers have businesses they build as legacies to their name and seed, their children. Our Fathers are worth so much praise no matter Influence because they helped create the father who is great today. Some dads were the worst, yet produced men who did better, they deserve that respect that they Y chromosomes helped create Wonderfully Made fathers.

Excerpt from a Father's Day Chronicles post

"My "Daddy Friends" do not brag, they just share their joy and not for "The Gram".

They protect, they coach, they support and most of all they are in their kids lives.

HAY, Haitian-American youth, is that not what fathers are supposed to do, be there for you?

Peace to those missing their daddy because in heaven watching over them!

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