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Father's Day Chronicles | Jefferson Ciceron Son Elijah Jay Has A Zoom Graduation | HAY Online News

Congratulations Elijah Jay for graduating Pre-Kindergarten!

Awww, thank you Big Daddy Jay for allowing @hayonline to share this great Father's Day Chronicles update 🤗 !

It was a Zoom Graduation and as you see above the Baby DJ is growing into a studious Haitian-American Youth (HAY) Online Kid.

Grateful for permission to share this update.

Follow this little one's Father's Day Chronicles dad on Instagram at @djayceenyc

Oh boy, oh joy, what a milestone to see. Below are screenshots of circa 2016 shares of original addition to our Ode to Fathers that then focused on Haitian and Haitian-American fathers we follow and respect. Want kids and adults alike to see a glimpse of great Father's of Color. Now we share all dads of all nationalities and just Google Father's Day Chronicles and look in images section.

Side Note: With how Cybersecurity is and the dangers there in, we ask that one does not take this image to use for other use. I, Aquarius Dawn Nancy, does use Google features with other tools to scour web for such Infringement of a minors image. His father gave us permission to use and we ask that you respect. Plus, it is Plagiarizing to pass off as own. Below are screenshots of hayonlineinc.blogspot.com share of a Father's Day Chronicles: Jefferson Ciceron aka DJayCee of Nouvo Sound {Haitian All-StarZ} Has A DJ In The Making:

Thank you for enjoying our update on HAY Online Kids, Baby DJ Elijah Jay who is a big boy graduating from Pre-K!

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