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Father's Day Chronicles | Mohammed, Great Muslim Father | HAY Online News

Inspiration, Worthy, Greatness, Me.....! are the words a daughter says about herself because a father showed her she is all she thinks great of herself.

Father's Day is today and reflections of a father who worked his ass off come to mind.

I have a special connection to "Daddy - Daughter" relationship to point I considered myself my daddy's pitbull.

I thought my dad could do anything!

He truly was my hero. For how much he molded who I am today, his short comings I can forgive but not forget.

Right now, our relationship is fragmented but I will forever uplift how well he provided for me and my siblings beyond measure. It was his "Workaholic" ways that left us unprotected.

Much happened to my sister and I that shape our today's. One thing is this, we both can remember a black man as a father who bought all we had by two so no jealousy. A black father who always paid tuition for private school. A black King who made royalty kind of pay with his body to point he had a bout of Cancer that he survived. God put a great man who did the best he could and still we suffered what many single mother parent homes do, lack of protection from mom's boyfriend.

I love my daddy and understand he was limited. Just human and a girl who grew up to see the cruel world sheltered from was just that.

To the great fathers like Mohammed above in feature image, wearing his daughters' shirt, keep being present!

See, his daughter thinks greatness about herself, which she is. A testament to him as a father, Mohammed speaks highly of his kids. So to see this shirt on him from his little girl, was no surprise. It warmed my heart at a time my heart hurts I had to let my bloodline be without me. Another blog post, yet this here hit home because my dad would build me up too. He also use to tear me down when upset about my behavior. Just get the complexities of growing up with Haitian parents and being first born in this country of opportunities, the United States .

Dads matter!!!

We notice and keep that dear til our last breathe.

You are the first man we truly love!

Imagine, those without a daddy are truly lost!

Thank you Ross and Mario for being great fathers, giving me beautiful children, and for being great providers!


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