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Father's Day Chronicles | Placide, Mr. Evince Placide That Is | HAY Online News

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

An Ode to Mr. Evince Placide

Another great father to share is another great guy known since childhood as well.

He is a medical professional, EMT, and I too have seen him at work many times while being in a hospital or working in one. He can one day be the one to help save your life any of these days in South Florida. Will be sharing images of him too, doing what he shows comes first.

Being a father and great husband, he shows his kids great love, protection and guidance. Always keeping the Lord first, you will see this family posting their "Sunday Best" or HAY Online🤗

Will be sharing more on him and all the previous great fathers featured the past four years.

Haitian Father's Day is June 28, 2020, HAY Online.

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