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Happy Haitian Flag Day!

At work at Port Everglades will add more to blog at lunch.

Whew, Aquarius Dawn Nancy here, and off for an hour lunch from Stick Yard. Today many businesses open as today, Haitian Flag Day, May 18th, 2020 is also day Trump put to re-open the country. I will say this, it is nice to see Wyclef end his voice to a matter that has had me crying. Our black sons and daughters of color deserve continuous voices from prominent figures. Not when opportune but everyday. Many want to shade another when those preaching about Christ should act as label they claim. Commencement all you want Obama, but your team knows SEO, why not use it to flood web with current content sharing daily acts to keep eye on Police Brutality. I guess the privacy we must loose for security worth it? Well, I just am searching the World Wide Web to see more voices. Back to my break on Haitian Flag Day.

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