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HAY and their Health

Ella's Glow Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin:

Hydrate - Drink plenty of water. Helps flush toxins out of your body that may cause skin problems. We will discuss specifics in other blog posts sharing many who specialize in skincare and provide products.

Cleanse - Wash your face with gentle soaps designed for facial cleansing. The natural products are best because chemicals can be harsh. Especially those with Eczema, use products that will not cause flare ups for this step and all else shared.

Exfoliate - Remove those dead skin cells that may clog pores causing pimples to form and other skin problems. Facial scrubs, rag gently used in a circular motion on face, and other products that remove dead skin are crucial to health of new cells. Who wants old dead skin cells left on their face?

Moisturize - Face creams that provide moisture should be light and fit your skin type. If dry, use a bit heavier cream. If combination skin, they have many products that have a balance of ingredients that help reduce oil production while keeping dry areas moisturized. Oily skin is a hairy one, most products over the counter for this type of skin help strip oil away since overproduction of it. Make sure to use products that do not increase oil production but maintain a healthy level that helps skin not look greasy.

Ella's Glow Website: https://www.ellasglow.co.uk/

We at HAY and their Health will continue to bring tips from Ella's Glow we follow on Instagram. Click their name in line above to follow. #HAYandtheirHealth

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