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HAY Lunch Ideas | Ann Marie's Tropical Dishes ( Trini-Caribbean Cuisine ) | HAY Online Market

Ann Marie's Tropical Dishes (Orlando)

https://www.instagram.com/annmaries_tropical_dishes (Click this link to go straight to Instagram, And If in Orlando, Order from Ann Marie! )

Great to know places to order from whenever in Orlando. My greedy tail is always mouthwatering gazing at this profiles pictures. You may see us from time to time show love to our Trinidad Friends. Entrepreneurs are out here still providing great products and services, support small business in your towns. We all have friends, family and colleagues who keep their households going with what they provide. Respect the hustle, show some money muscle!

Corona may have most all of us home but we all still purchase food, necessities and budgeted take-out or deliveries. Support Entrepreneur Friends!

Our Train of Thought: If you support an Entrepreneur Friend's dream today, they may help your child with employment tomorrow. So many start a business, fold and nothing left in our communities for our children to choose from to work for. If we help one another, we help those built to last do so. You never know, that friend's Entrepreneurial pursuit may lead to more jobs. We all do not know what lays ahead, we want our kids to do better than us. How can they if "Crab Mentalities" today, stifle their potential tomorrow?

HAY Online Media University

Five Ways To Support Entrepreneur Friends:

1. Follow their social media once you learn of it if it fits your interests. Waste of support if you know you will just be a "Ghost Follower".

2. Engage with their content by commenting, sharing and liking. Bots love to be alerted to satisfaction metrics or interest metrics.

3. Blog about your Entrepreneur friend and endorse their brand in it. As actually purchasing items from them and sharing your satisfaction with it. Bots love positive indications about a brand.

4. Write their brand name in description or captions with hashtag of their brand name.

5. Distribute that review on profiles you have relevant to share as branded content with hashtag and link to their most active social media profile or handle (@handleisbrandnameattachedtoatsymbol). Bots love to see proper credit given so they can vet the source to learn more about Entrepreneur sharing.


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