• Aquarius Dawn Nancy

HAY Online | Don't Doubt Yourself This Monday Rising HAY Online | Monday Motovation

Great October 12, 2020 Monday rising #HAYOnline !

"It doesn't matter how many people doubt you. As long as you don't join that team, you are winning." - @royalelradin

Side Note: Been a while posting daily or multiple times a day but with this COVID-19, no work for almost two months, and the reduction of stamps to 20 bucks because now receiving unemployment after a job lied is much push to leave those alone hurting one in these times. Cleared toxic people out of my life, family not worth it left alone for good, and just setting up shop. As employment drains, more clients come and just rebuilding where I was able to sustain myself and kids. Those still up to "The Shenanigans" just show they were never cut out to create if they must steal. Grateful the web and it's AI cohorts look at online behavior! This helps with pesky problems one like I block. Keep pushing with no doubt and it sure feels good. Just sent #TheBigCock off to work and miss him already!

Great productive day Haitian American Youth Online!

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