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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Online Presence Set Up
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Online Presence Set Up

HAY Online Video: HAY Online Media University - Online Presence and Branding SEO

Great rising Kings and Queens reading this blog post!

No time for Serious Entrepreneurs to sit on a wealth of information online about Online Real Estate to not set it up properly.

Online Presence Set-Up:

Main Hub Spot - Your Website or Blogsite ( Website with a blog attached to it like www.haitianamericannews.com is )

- domain name should be brand name is available and affordable

Social Media ( Axillary Components To Your Online Presence) - Set-up three main ones first. Preferably a YouTube, a Twitter and a Instagram or Facebook ( Eventually having both as part of your Co-Citation strategy we will discuss during Red Light District SEO on Tuesday).

Branding Hashtags - Strategize how you will help each platform you have social media content on and links in search engines on have a distinguishing hashtag at the end.

Strategy in posting and training the web should account for ninety days of sharing. Does not have to be daily but in a consistent pattern you announce. This helps once reproduced for many campaigns to introduce new angles( content directing audience and bots to new subject matter to present to share also needs at least ninety days in a platform to catch attention and get statistical data used to provide insights information serious Entrepreneurs look at) is learned. Then you use Plug and Chug to introduce all Premium ( Made in house like with Canva ) content you create.

Hashtags help bots and searching humans find content that otherwise would be buried.

Co-Citation next on menu to look at on the road to Online Presence coupled with being where your competition is curating content.

Have a great prosperous week pushing crabs out the barrel suffocating the baby crabs!

No Plagiarism ( Always let us know where credit is due.)

Black love equals black economic respect!

As Black Mail TV Family Says: Love + Support = Grow

Side Note:

LSG Movement is a philosophy of actions so believed in. HAY Online News is proud to join along with me, Aquarius Dawn Nancy Consulting. So happy to meet more Black Communities tired of the trending Crab Mentality among a group that needs to be left alone among the other crabs. We want to breathe and our kids truly supported. Each time another tears a black owned business down, they are no different than those killing us. Just my opinion. Other than a Plagiarising Individual, I do not mind competition who tried it. I just block them so their metrics do not affect mine.

How you doing online? Need help? Email hayonlinemedia@gmail.com Services and Tutorials you can learn from.

No 🦀 allowed!

Your online behavior and example help change the narrative of "Crab Mentality" Haitian American Youth Online!

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